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Super Forum 2024


Become a Speaker

At Super Forum 2024

If someone were to ask you what sparked creativity, connection and/or change for you this year, what would you say? What would be the lessons you have learned or the victories you have celebrated? As a speaker at Super Forum 2024, we want you to share your insights, your successes and even your failures through workshops, panels, and speaker sessions. You never know when you will say one thing that inspires others to take action, so let’s ignite that SPARK of inspiration together.

Sound like you? We'd love to have you apply

  • You worked on a successful project and want to showcase how you achieved your great results.
  • You know how to do something cool in any Higher Logic product and want to share.
  • You learned something this year that you think other customers would benefit from.
  • You’re an expert in a certain area and want to share some tips.
  • You encountered and solved a challenge this year that you can help others work through.
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Program Overview

Super Forum 2024 includes two full days of breakout sessions. We are looking for a good balance of content across these themes.

Spark Connection

One interaction can spark a connection forever​

What does the future look like for associations? What tools help to reinvigorate growth for B2B SaaS? How do you scale CS? In these sessions we talk through it from top to bottom – from big ideas to tips and tricks that inspire us to get creative and more resourceful.

Session themes include:

Scaling Customer Success

Community + Community Management

Marketing Automation

Demonstrating ROI

Advocacy in Action

Spark Change

One person's success can spark a chain reaction

Let’s connect the dots between community and your customers or members. In these sessions we will talk about how community goes beyond business outcomes and creates connections that build deeper, more meaningful relationships

Session themes include:

Data, Data Usage and Data Privacy

Navigating Diversity
(Neurodiversity, Race, Age, Disability)

Non-Dues Revenue Strategies

Bridging the Gaps
(Generational, Communication, Knowledge)

Spark Creativity

One idea can spark ingenuity

Sharing experience, knowledge and insight will inspire and challenge our conventional way of thinking. These sessions will empower you to be a catalyst for change at your association or company by learning from real-life experiences of others in similar situations.

Session themes include:

AI, Automation & Analytics

Retention Strategies

Growth Strategies

Engagement Strategies

What Makes a Great Session


Clear takeaways

Share the takeaways you plan to discuss as part of your talk. We want people to walk away with advice and tactics they can use.


Practical & tactical

Provide practical, tactical strategies and we welcome talks based on your personal experiences incorporating lessons, advice, and examples.


Noting the skill level

Let us know what level you would designate your talk in terms of audience’s recommended level of experience or current state of implementation (e.g. 101 – 501)



Add as many details as possible! We thoroughly read all submissions, so the more detail the better. Submissions of only a few sentences won’t likely have a good chance of being accepted. Please be as clear as possible about your planned topic, the ideas you are sharing, and the advice you will provide.


Appropriate length

The target length of the presentation is 30-35 minutes, with 10-15 minutes for questions, for a total of 45 minutes.


No promotions

Content should be thought leadership in nature, and no sales pitches will be accepted.


Panel questions in advance

We love receiving panel submissions, but please be sure you have a clear goal and, if possible, share the questions the panel will cover. Our team can act as moderators for you - so all panel members can participate.

Deadline for Submission

Friday, October 13, 2023

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