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Tirza Austin

By Alexis Johnson

With over five years of experience in online community management, Tirza Austin is passionate about connecting and empowering people through digital platforms. As the Senior Manager of Online Community at the American Society of Civil Engineers, she leads the strategy and execution of online programs and initiatives that foster engagement, collaboration, and learning among ASCE members. She is committed to advancing the civil engineering profession and supporting ASCE’s vision of creating a better world.

In her current role, Tirza has successfully launched and managed several online community projects, such as a members-only community, a mentoring program, a student and younger member portal, a COVID-19 resource page, and a virtual roundtable series. She has also increased site traffic, user retention, and member enrollment through her innovative and user-centric approach. She leverages her skills in teamwork, communication, and time management to coordinate with staff, volunteers, and stakeholders, and to deliver high-quality and timely results. Tirza is a recognized leader and expert in her field, having received the CMX Communiteer of the Year award in 2022 and the Higher Logic Engagement Expert recognition in 2021.