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Taryn Morrissey

By Laura Craft

Taryn is Team Lead for the Marketing Automation Advisors at Higher Logic, a leading saas company that provides email marketing and engagement solutions for associations. With over 15 years of experience in the association sector, Taryn knows how to craft effective and engaging email campaigns that drive results. Taryn joined Higher Logic in 2008 after being a loyal customer of Informz at two previous organizations. Since then, she has been a trusted advisor, a senior csm, and a team lead, sharing her email marketing expertise and best practices with hundreds of association clients. Taryn’s passion is to help associations enhance their communications in order to grow their membership and increase revenue. Taryn loves hosting webinars where she showcases her customers’ successes and shares valuable insights and tips. She is also excited to meet and connect with customers in person at the conference. Taryn is a busy mom of three kids who enjoys learning about health & wellness, natural remedies, exercise and helping others achieve their goals both personally & professionally.