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Maureen Rice

By Laura Craft

Maureen serves as the customer marketing manager at ChurnZero, a role she pioneered in 2022. Her trailblazing approach to customer marketing has significantly bolstered product adoption, expansion, satisfaction, and retention across ChurnZero’s diverse customer base. With a decade of experience in the SaaS sector, Maureen has harnessed her experiences to transform customer data and automation into powerful tools for marketers.

Her journey with ChurnZero began in customer success, a role that laid a robust foundation for her transition into customer marketing. This experience gave her a comprehensive understanding of the product and helped forge strong connections with customers and other departments, all of which have been instrumental in her current role. Maureen’s responsibilities at ChurnZero are multifaceted and include spearheading product adoption and expansion campaigns, crafting engaging content, developing email marketing strategies, managing the customer community, and fostering customer advocacy.

Maureen’s commitment extends beyond marketing; she is passionate about fostering inter-departmental collaboration, firmly believing it to be the cornerstone of a customer-centric business and the key to providing unparalleled customer experiences.

Her passion for Formula 1 racing mirrors her professional mindset—marked by speed, precision, and a continuous drive for excellence.