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Marius Ciortea

By Hillary Chambers

At IBM Analytics I will be responsible for leading a Community strategy that will involve forming an engaging brand presence to interact with a community of existing customers. This type of marketing will occur in places product user already come to gather to learn, share and co-create. Quora, Slack, Twitter, Stackoverflow or Github are the defacto communities for many product users today, and it is the place companies are given the opportunity to respond to customer concerns and make them feel important. These organic communities offer members a place to make their needs known and give companies the opportunity to respond and make them feel important.

I’m working on creating the right community platforms that allow customers to interact not only with each other but with the brand. Our product user will see the brand as an ally, because of how the brand will respond to questions and concerns, learn how to better their skills, get access to a unique set of tools and consume valuable first-to-know information.