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Marghet Hager

By Alexis Johnson

Marghet Hager is the Director of Digital Strategy for APGA in Washington D.C., which represents over 700 cities and communities that have incorporated energy services into their municipal offerings. Being employed at a trade association with less than 15 employees, she manages their CMS/CRM/AMS platforms, online community, website development, member-focused marketing and communication campaigns, event apps and registrations, branding strategy, digital marketing, and print and digital publications – all skills that help keep APGA’s membership engaged and informed on and offline. Previously, she was a Member Community Manager for Dynamic Communities, which had four mature communities (10+ years) and four younger launched communities (3-6 years). Dynamic Communities’ GPUG site ( was awarded Higher Logic’s Community of the Year in 2017, and APGA’s website was awarded Higher Logic’s Best Website Design in 2015. Marghet has been recognized as a Higher Logic MVP since 2016 and served on the Higher Logic Product Advisory Council (PAC) from 2017-2019.