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Guido X Jansen

By Alexis Johnson

With over 20 years of experience in psychology, e-commerce, and technology, I am a Global Business & Technology Evangelist at Spryker Systems, a leading commerce platform that enables businesses to create unique digital experiences. My mission is to empower and inspire our global community of customers, partners, and developers, and to drive Spryker’s technological vision and innovation.

As a public face and voice of Spryker, I lead the Community Team that delivers transformative experiences, raises awareness of Spryker’s cutting-edge solutions, and nurtures an ecosystem where collaboration and innovation flourish. I also host a podcast where I interview experts and thought leaders in the field of commerce and conversion optimization, for which I received the Experimentation Culture Award in 2020.

My professional interests lie in exploring online behavior, usability, cultural differences, and optimizing processes for human interaction. Leveraging my background in psychology, I aim to bring a human-centered approach to digital interactions, fostering connections and engagement within communities.