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Erica Kuhl

By Laura Craft

Over the last 17 years I have put my heart and soul into building a thriving community of customers by being 100% focused on their success. When you do that, you open up amazing opportunities to network, innovate, mentor, sell, build loyalty, and trust together.

I believe that building meaningful connections with your customers will transform the way you do business. I’ll help you do that by providing the formula to unlock the power of your customers through community building.

The days of traditional selling and service are gone. Customers want authentic interactions and they are driven to connect with like-minded people. They will find a way to engage with each other one way or another. Do you invest to provide a trusted, authentic environment for customers to engage with you and each other? Or do you sit on the sidelines. The choice is simple.

Brands are being redefined by their communities and no longer is the question “if” you invest in community but “how” do you invest in community. And I’ll help you get there! Visit for more info!