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Edu Giansante

By Alexis Johnson

Edu Giansante is the Head of Community at Persona. Previously the Global Head of Community at Dropbox, Wix, Zynga, VMware, and founder of Edublin.
Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Edu moved to Ireland in 2008 where he started his expat community Edublin. His ability to share useful information in video storytelling has brought him to over 400K YouTube subscribers and over 50 million views.
While creating on Edublin, Edu also joined <span class=”il”>Zynga and led its Community as a Global Community manager. His work to scale communities resulted in millions of USD in savings, and he was awarded the Most Efficient Employee of the Year, in 2013.
He later joined Dropbox, in 2014, with a challenge to start Dropbox’s community strategy from scratch. Within months Edu launched the Dropbox Super User program which helped in streamline product feedback and scaled support. In 2020 Edu was elected the Online Community Professional of the Year 2020 by CMX.
In 2021 Edu joined Wix to help shape its Community long-term strategy and scale to millions of Wix users. Edu also joined several non-profit mentorship programs to help people in their careers, as well as becoming an Angel Investor in multiple startups.
Edu is now based in San Francisco, leading the community for the startup Persona.