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Debbie Hanger

By Laura Craft

Debbie Hanger, ASAE, Senior Director, Database Administration has worked 30 years in the association community, initially working with chapters and membership development at a large association. Her proficiency in data management and enthusiasm for adopting cutting-edge technologies paved the way for her transition into IT and implementing an Association Management System (AMS) for the organization.  Since that pivotal moment, Debbie has tackled numerous projects, leading several AMS implementations, orchestrating system upgrades, and seamlessly integrating dozens of third-party solutions. Currently, Debbie is leading her company’s Infrastructure Project. Her primary focus is on crafting a versatile and scalable model, grounded in an “API-first” philosophy. Through this approach, Debbie is connecting core business systems with best-of-breed departmental solutions, to address ASAE’s customer-centric goal.