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The Power of Community Metrics for Data-Driven Storytelling

By Alexis Johnson

Don’t miss this exclusive session sharing the inside story of how our online community has evolved into a strategic asset driving customer engagement, product adoption, and revenue growth.

Over the past fiscal year, our community initiatives have led to record levels of participation, pipeline influence exceeding $13 million, and increased product usage among customers.

In this info-packed presentation, our community leaders will take you behind the scenes to reveal:

  • How we’ve used live shows, thought leadership content, and events to supercharge community activity
  • Hard data on the community’s tangible business impact on revenue, expansion, renewals, and more
  • Ways we’ve created value for customers by facilitating peer learning, access to experts, and product education
  • Success stories of customers who’ve shared their journeys and advocated for our solutions
  • Our team’s crucial role in moderating discussions, creating content, and providing 24/7 support
  • Exclusive details on our robust roadmap and initiatives to continue advancing the community

You’ll leave this session with a comprehensive case study, data points for benchmarking, and actionable best practices you can implement right away to grow your own community.