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Strategic Alchemy: Aligning Community Power with Association Advancement

By Alexis Johnson

Delve into the incredible transformation of AAE Connection, a community that evolved from a simple technology project into a dynamic catalyst for association advancement. Launched seven years ago to meet the virtual connection and knowledge-sharing needs of our members, this community faced its share of challenges, prompting a brief hiatus before its triumphant re-launch in 2020.

Our journey reveals the profound impact of holistic organizational collaboration, underpinned by core values such as collaboration and transparency, on our community management approach. But what truly sets this story apart is the central role played by our dedicated staff and member volunteers.

This session will unveil the strategies that empower us to collaborate effectively with our members and colleagues, fostering their active involvement in community development. Whether you’re contemplating involving others in community management or seeking ways to maximize the contributions of your dedicated volunteers, our experience offers invaluable insights.

Discover how strategic alchemy transformed AAE Connection into a potent engine driving association advancement. Join us to gain practical wisdom on nurturing collaboration, promoting transparency, and achieving remarkable member engagement.