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Revitalizing Certification Programs: Using Technology to Upgrade the Candidate Experience

By Alexis Johnson

Are your certification programs (over)due for an upgrade? Certification processes often entail complex requirements: resumes, reference letters, exams, education and more. Though essential for upholding credential integrity, these multi-step procedures can pose challenges for busy professionals, inadvertently placing the onus on them to manage their progress and adhere to deadlines.

In this session, we examine common certification structures to identify the opportunities for better engaging candidates and enhancing this critical revenue channel.

What could you do if you knew who was interested in pursuing certification, but hasn’t yet qualified to apply? Begin a conversation that encourages them throughout the journey? Help them track their progress? Connect them with a mentor? Offer them micro credentials as building blocks?

What if you guided your current candidates through each requirement with personalized guidance, information, and timely deadline reminders? And made it easy for them to share their success with the world once they’ve earned their credential?

How much could you grow your program?

Let’s look at how tools like automation, analysis and AI can help us reimagine our certification programs.