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Promoting Innovation: 6 Steps to Revolutionize the Career Journey and Rethink Revenue

By Hillary Chambers

You’re already aware of the challenges in member engagement, revenue diversification, and attracting a younger demographic. But what if you could turn your career center into more than just a job board? What if it could become a dynamic hub finely tuned to the individualized career journeys of your members?
Our mission is clear: to transform your association’s career center into a vibrant hub that exclusively focuses on the specialized skills and talents unique to your industry. By doing so, we not only increase member satisfaction and engagement but also generate high demand from employers—opening up new avenues for non-dues revenue.
Here’s what you’ll discover:
Strategies to leverage proprietary member and industry data to identify specialized skills and roles in high demand.
How to leverage Artificial Intelligence to deliver dynamic, personalized career tools and resources.
The steps to seamlessly integrate these innovative technologies into a cohesive, user-friendly career hub.
Tactics to automate highly personalized lifecycle communications for enhanced member engagement.
Methods to develop attractive tiered sponsorship and advertising packages tailored for employer needs and interests.
Following this session, you’ll have a comprehensive blueprint to redefine your career center, making it a powerful tool for both member engagement and revenue generation. This is the time to revolutionize the way we think about career development and revenue streams in the association landscape.
Learn strategies to turn your career center into a dynamic hub that meets your members where they are in their career journey while also fueling your association’s growth.