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Navigating the Higher Logic Thrive Community: ASQ’s Valuable Insights from our Higher Logic Migration

By Mark Griffith

In May 2023, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) underwent a transformative transition from the Personify community platform to the Higher Logic Thrive platform.

This session provides an in-depth exploration of ASQ’s journey during this pivotal transition, particularly highlighting the collaborative efforts between ASQ’s Member Services and Component Relations teams. Key areas to be addressed in our presentation include:

  1. The Significance of Member and Staff Engagement in Selecting a Community Platform
  2. Migrating with Insights Lessons Learned during the migration process. Topics included are platform design, what we learned from data, the decisions employed to align the platform with the feedback received from ASQ members and effective communication strategies employed to inform both staff and members about the change.
  3. Harnessing Community Management for Engagement: how the strategies implemented by our Community Manager helped foster engagement within the community, including utilizing Higher Logic’s member engagement tactics.
  4. Leveraging the Community Platform for Association Advancement. Beyond its role in member engagement, we will showcase the diverse ways in which the community platform can support other vital aspects of our association, including marketing efforts, improving event management, facilitating publication dissemination, streamlining volunteer communication, and bolstering training initiatives, among other functions.