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Membership Magic: Brewing up Engagement Reports that Showcase ROI and Boost Member Satisfaction

By Alexis Johnson

Demonstrating the value and return on investment (ROI) to your members is paramount to all association professionals. Join us for an insightful session, “Membership Magic: Brewing up Engagement Reports that Showcase ROI and Boost Member Satisfaction,” where we delve into the art and science of crafting compelling member engagement reports.

In this session, we will explore the metrics and methodologies that go into creating engagement reports that not only effectively communicate the tangible benefits of membership but also foster increased member satisfaction. ACHP’s Molly Edelman will share her experiences, providing you with practical tips and techniques to enhance your membership management toolkit.

Key highlights of this session include:

  • ROI Communication: Translate engagement data into clear, persuasive metrics that demonstrate the tangible value of membership to your members (and staff!).
  • Effective Reporting Techniques: Discuss best practices for structuring and formatting your reports for maximum impact and readability.
  • Member Satisfaction Boost: Explore strategies to use engagement reports as a tool to improve member satisfaction, engagement, and retention.
  • Interactive Q&A: Address challenges and questions related to member engagement reporting.

This session offers a guide to harnessing the power of engagement reports. Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss the art of creating reports that not only showcase ROI but also enchant your members, fostering a deeper connection and loyalty within your organization.

Join us for “Membership Magic” and take your membership management to the next level.