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Associations With Benefits: Making It Personal So Your Members Keep Coming Back

By Laura Craft

Should I stay or should I go? That’s what your members are asking every time your association isn’t meeting their needs.

Today’s members – whether they’re Boomers or Zoomers – expect your association to deliver:
• Communications, content & community via both your website and a mobile app
• Experiences that are personalized to their needs
• Quick access to content, resources & tools

Hear success stories from associations that are delivering more value to members, growing membership (and retention rates), and engaging members more fully by integrating both web and mobile into their member mix – so they’re available when and where their members need them.

As a bonus, you’ll receive a digital copy of the State of Mobile in Associations 2023 Benchmark Report, which details how 145 US associations are using mobile apps to serve their members year-round – including which apps they use and what they’re paying for their apps.