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Kickstart Your Community’s Customer Success Connection

By Mark Griffith

Customers join your community because they want to succeed—but it’s hard for community managers to steer members and conversations toward their different definitions of success at scale. Yet, there’s a team in your company who does just that, all day, every day.

Connecting your customer success team to your community is a win-win-win. Your customers get more expert advice and ideas. Your CS team gets new customer insights, new advocacy leads, and new customer coaching opportunities to build loyalty and retention. And you get a community that’s more engaged, thriving, and self-sustaining.

In this session, ChurnZero’s Maureen Rice and Peter Adams will show you how it’s done—including:

  • Selling a community collaboration to your CS team—and how to deliver on the benefit.
  • Setting the right roles and boundaries for CS, customer marketing, and community management.
  • Creating a reporting structure that promotes sustainable engagement and great results.