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How AAMC Streamlined their Community Launch Process

By Laura Craft

In this presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Create a process that guides community managers through each step of community preparation and launch.
  • Use online planning tools to communicate and track the process.
  • Integrate key tasks to set your communities up for success.

The AAMC has been working with The Community Roundtable since 2019 to launch and operationalize a community program and build a Community Center of Excellence. This includes a process and resources to manage the approval and launch of new communities, but in several cases, speed was prioritized over process, and communities were launched without proper preparation and governance, impacting their success. The Community Program Director and other stakeholders also found it increasingly difficult to manage the growing number of enquiries and requests.

The team from The Community Roundtable collated the critical elements of the launch process into the Community Readiness Checklist, and added gated stages to ensure teams requesting new communities completed all of the requirements before moving to the next stage.

The organization uses Office 365, so the team created a Planner board, complete with checklists, attachments, and links, to ensure that new community managers could easily follow their progress towards launch.

Benefits of the Community Readiness Checklist include:

  • Enabling all stakeholders to visualize and appreciate the planning involved in successfully launching and maintaining an engaged community.
  • Guiding community managers through a consistent process.
  • Facilitating a review process to ensure communities are set up for success.
  • Enabling the Program Director to easily track progress for new communities.