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Engaging ROI: How Kaplan Community Values Each Step of the Customer Journey

By Alexis Johnson

In today’s digital corporate landscape of ever-increasing customer acquisition costs, engagement and retention are more critical than ever before. Kaplan’s VP of Community and Web Scribble’s VP of Sales discuss Kaplan’s strategy for weaving education, community and career development into a powerful ecosystem that values the customer journey.

Hear strategies that:

  • Incorporate Community and Careers – Integration between community platforms and career centers
  • Leveraging API and third-party tools for a unified experience
  • Getting internal support from financial stakeholders

Add Value at Each Step of the Customer Journey:

  • Corporate community as a hub for career development
  • Connecting education programs that align with job openings
  • Encouraging mentorship and peer-to-peer learning within the community

Build Community ROI and Engagement:

  • Strategies for monetizing job listings
  • Techniques for building impactful partnerships
  • Opportunities for tiered access and premium branding

Equip yourself to integrate career and community effectively into your corporate ecosystem. Learn how career development opportunities enhance customer retention and painlessly monetize features to drive additional revenue. Whether you’re aiming to increase ROI or boost customer engagement—or both—in your corporate community, get some immediate, actionable insights to innovate and grow.