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Engagement is Personal – How Associations are Using Higher Logic Thrive Community Tools for a Personal Experience That Keeps Members Engaged

By Alexis Johnson

In the age of instant gratification, website visitors expect to find what they want fast. Research shows 61% of users expect to find the content they want within 5 seconds of landing on a site. For association communities, that urgency is likely even higher.

While the Higher Logic Thrive news feed is an excellent starting point for engagement, associations need to go further to deliver the personalized, high-value experience members expect.

In this session, you’ll learn how different associations are using features like interest-driven widgets, tagged lists and community blogs to make it easy for members to find what they want in seconds, as well as drive members to engage with the association in other ways beyond community.

We’ll discuss tactics for making that happen, including:

  • Interest-based content recommendations – Serve up content tailored to each member’s interests for quick access.
  • Tagging and targeted widgets – Use tags in a variety of ways to put the information in front of members they want to see.
  • Information architecture and navigation – See how you can structure sites and navigation to facilitate discovery and meet user expectations.

With enhancements like these, associations can transform their community into a personalized destination where visitors instantly find valuable content tailored to them. Members stay engaged, KPIs improve, and the association builds stronger relationships.