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Centering Catalyst’s Scale CS around Community

By Laura Craft

As we continued to add customers, Catalyst knew that we needed to create an industry-leading Scale program. We wanted a multi-functional resource to be the hub of that program, and that’s why we leaned into using a Community! I’ll be talking through the steps it took us to launch our Scale CS program using our Customer Community as the centerpiece.

Our pre-launch process:

  • What did we want to provide to our customers?
  • Working as a CS team to make sure content was relevant
  • Working with customers to ensure ease of usability

Our launch and what we learned:

  • Doubling down on what works and ditching what doesn’t
  • Keep adding, keep iterating, keep integrating
  • Teaching our customers

Where do we go from here:

  • Refining our look and process
  • Expanding our use of features