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Building a Customer Program that Influences Revenue and Breaks Down Internal Silos

By Alexis Johnson

Growth-focused Customer Success leaders realize that customer advocacy is a DRIVER of retention and renewal, not a byproduct of it. But when it comes to embracing customer advocacy, where do you start? You need to do more with less, and it is hard to imagine adding one more thing to the plates of your CSMs, but you can’t ignore advocacy. Whether you’re looking to collaborate better with your Customer Marketing/Advocacy team, or aspire to add a Customer Advocacy function to your CS organization, this session will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to put advocacy at the heart of your Customer Success efforts.

In this workshop, Dana Alvarenga leads an interactive discussion on:

  1. Why customer advocacy is key to growth and retention.
  2. How to shift from “Random Acts of Advocacy” to scalable, repeatable programs.
  3. What’s in it for the customer? Paid Advocacy vs. Earned Advocacy. Steps to build that program.
  4. How to break down the silos between Sales, Marketing and Customer Success to make Advocacy a reality. Showing steps to track revenue influenced by acts of advocacy.